T-ara releases the first poster for the group's upcoming web drama featuring Qri and Jang Su Won

T-ara has kicked off their upcoming web drama with the first poster featuring Qri and Jang Su Won.

The poster reveals Qri and Jang Su Won as a couple in various situations, especially they are even seen wearing face masks while lying next to each other, showing their cute chemistry together.

The web drama is titled 'Black Hollyday' and will have a total of six episodes with six different plots for each member. There will be also six male stars to star alongside them and each episode will have its own OST sung by the members

Director Lee Gi Baek who worked on B2ST, Trouble Maker and Jay Park MVs will be directing this web drama. The crew of movie 'More Than Blue' will be participating in the producing progress so everyone can expect the final result to be high quality.

T-ara's web drama will go on air in September.