MBK Entertainment reveals three more finalized members for upcoming girl group

MBK Entertainment have revealed three more members who have been finalized to join upcoming girl group.

On June 4th, the agency introduced the three members through their selcas along with some brief information. The girl on the left is Lee Jenny, an innocent beauty who is known to be an excellent actress. The girl in the middle is Baek Yebin who is an talented singer with a charming voice. The last one is Eunice who is both skilled in singing and dancing and also fluent in Japanese.

Previously MBK Entertainment stated that they will choose the members for their new girl group through a survival TV program. However, it was now revealed that the agency decided to just go through their own survival system within the company to select the new members.

MBK Entertainment's new girl group is currently gearing up for their debut while aiming for early August as their goal.