Lee Seung Gi releases the 1-minute version of his new MV 'And Goodbye'

Following the new released album, Lee Seung Gi follows up with the 1-minute version of 'And Goodbye' MV.

Why only 1 minute long but not the full version? Apparently it was revealed that there were some damages to the original MV films, and the editing team found it hard to create a full-length video with the short amount of footage left. And since they didn't have enough time to re-film, so they decided to release the 1-minute version of the music video.

It was said that Lee Seung Gi himself is also feeling very sorry towards his fans, who have been waiting for his comeback after a long time.

It's an unfortunate incident that no one wanted, but let's just enjoy to the fullest the glory of Lee Seung Gi in the music video below