Kim SoHyun receives food truck & signed CD from SHINee's Minho

Actress Kim SoHyun received a very thoughtful birthday present from SHINee's Minho on her birthday yesterday.

Kim SoHyun gratefully thanked Minho through her SNS update for the food truck the SHINee member and former co-MC of Music sent to her as a birthday present. She wrote, "To Minho oppa who is cooly doing SHINee promotions!! Me and 'Who Are You' family enjoyed the sandwich and churros Minho oppa sent in the filming site. I live ♥ VIEW ♥ hh I hope only pleasant things  come to you :)"

Along with the message is the photo of the foodtruck and the signed CD from Minho. He also left a sweet message for her, "Whohoot~Sohyun ah! Minho oppa bought you this~Very pretty pretty pretty Sohyun ah 'til the end fighting! From Minho oppa who dearly treasures Sohyun."

What a warm oppa-dongsaeng relationship they have!