Kim Sae Ron to star in a web drama together with Fantagio's new boy group

Kim Sae Ron will be starring as the female lead in new web drama 'Becoming Stars'.

'Becoming Stars' will be a fantasy romance story about a male idol group suddenly slips back in time one day before their debut stage.

Kim Sae Ron will play as Ah Rin, an important character who will assist the boys in their past in order for them to make a successful debut.

In particular, the male idol group who will be starring in the web drama will be a 6-member rookie boy group who have been training in the 'i-Teen Project' under Fantagio for 5 years. Unlike other groups who make their debut through music and variety shows, the boys will be officially introduced through this web drama.

'Becoming Stars' will have 12 episodes with 10 minutes each. It's scheduled to broadcast in August.