Jo Insung, Kwang Soo & Song Joongki go on a private trip!

You would surely feel liking being in this circle of friends.

Close friends Jo InSung, Kwang Soo and Song Joong Ki are reported to have left for a private trip together. This vacation is revealed to be out of their official schedule and their respective companies deny to give details on where they are heading to as to give the three of them some privacy.

Accounts report that the three are spotted today at Incheon Airport departing for somewhere to spend quality time together. The three have been close friends, and with Song Joong Ki's recent discharged from the army, it must have been his first healing trip.

Their friendship has been known to their fans. Jo InSung and Song Joong Ki worked together in 'Frozen Lover' while Kwang Soo has gotten closer with Jo InSung in 'It's Ok It's Love' drama. Running Man fans also know the tight friendship between Kwangsoo and Song Joong Ki with the latter even mentioned that Kwang Soo has been his source of strength while serving his duty inthe army.

Have a fun trip!