Heo Young Saeng in talks to sign with CI ENT after his military discharge

Heo Young Saeng likely to sign with CI ENT in the near future, the agency of Shinhwa's Dongwan and Kim Hyung Jun.

An official from CI ENT said on June 3rd,"It true that we met up with Heo Young Saeng a couple of times, but the we are still discussing on signing a contract with him. Since he's still serving in the army so the final result will be released after his discharge".

If the agreement comes through, he will be in the same agency of Shinhwa's Dongwan, his former fellow member Kim Hyung Jun, actress Jeon So Min and many more.

Heo Young Saeng enlisted in the Seoul Police PR Team on October 2013. He will be discharged on the 30th next month.