BTS says sorry for a late press con in Malaysia

Bangtan Boys apologized as they came late on their press conference held on June 5th for 'Episode II: The Red Bullet World Tour' in Malaysia.

Bangtan Boys had two schedules on June 5th. The first one was a Hello fanmeet session which started at 6:30PM. However, they were not able to attend punctually on their second appointment which was a press conference scheduled at 8PM, but was able to begin at 9PM.

As their token of apology, Bangtan Boys gave cookies and leader Rap Monster gave message saying, "Thank you so much for welcoming us, we love everything in Malaysia. We practiced so hard for this concert, please come see us tomorrow. Sorry for this late delay and thank you coming here again. Thank you so much, we are BTS."

As of this moment, Bangtan Boys is currently holding their concert.

Watch below:

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SOURCE: NewsKaki