An idol star reported to be investigated for drug use involving cocaine

On June 26th, The Fact has released an exclusive report on a K-Pop idol is currently being investigated under the suspicion of drug use.

It was reported that 'Mr.A'(32), who revealed to be a staff member from a large company was charged for using drug involving cocaine at Incheon International Airport on June 22nd as he received a positive result after the drug test.

According to the report, an idol named 'B', who is said to be a top Hallyu star has been put into the suspicious list of doing the illegal act as he was specific named by the staff member, who is under the same company as him. It was said that the two would usually do drugs together secretly at the recording booths or studios in order to avoid people' eyes.

The prosecution also revealed to be looking into mutiple entertainment personnel who are suspected to be taking drugs together with 'Mr.A' and idol 'B'.

Stay tuned for more updates on this issue.