4Minute to show their daily life in new reality show '4Minute Video'

4Minute will be having their own reality show.

Cable channel K-Star revealed on June 19th,"There have been many idol reality shows, but '4Minute Video' will set a completely difference as it will present every details in their real life activities without any lies or false pretenses of the members".

It was said that the 4Minute members showed their enthusiasm by actively participating in contributing various ideas for the show. In particular, fans will be able to meet the members' best friends and siblings throughout the show.

From bodycare, cooking skills, campiing, oversea activities to personal hobbies and their true personalities, 4Minute is expected to reveal them all through their upcoming reality show.

'4Minute Video' will be aired through K-Star and Cube TV on July 6th.

Check out the teaser video below