Tao's weibo contents implying hints of withdrawal?

Amidst withdrawal rumors of EXO Tao, fans have not yet received any clear statement regarding the issue so far.

However, in Tao's recent changes on his weibo contents, fans have gotten yet another reason to assume that his withdrawal is true. In relation to that, another cryptic message is written on his bio, "I miss the past but I'm looking forward to the future," which make fans assume that he is close to moving on and ready to take new path which is not EXO.

Moreover, his location was also changed from 'overseas' to 'Shandong Qingdao' which can be presumed that he is now considering his original roots more than before.

On the brighter note, his profile message remains the same introducing himself as a part of EXO, so fans are assuring that he is not leaving the group. However, an official confirmation is still needed to put fans at ease.