Tao removes 'EXO' from instagram;results to hateful comments

Tao, who's remaining verbally silent over the withdrawal rumors, once again confuses fans by making yet another cryptic change on his SNS. This time on his instagram.

In a comparison photos of his before and after profile name, it's noticeable that Tao removes 'EXO' and changed it into his initial. Thus, “EXO-TAO 黄子韬” to “Z. TAO – 黄子韬."

This follows the changes he made on his weibo recently, which makes the speculations of him leaving EXO stronger, though there isn't any official statement or clear evidence. In result, some fans and non-fans who are agitated started to leave hateful comments such as, "What is this? Be straight to the point.", "I started to hate you.","Whatever your decision is fine just don't make us confuse like this.", "If you're leaving, just leave." Others try to relieve their anxiousness by being witty, "I give up with your pathcode. Can't seem to solve it. Tell us straight to the point."

What could this move suggests?