Sungjae falls for Kim So Hyun

Latest still cuts for the upcoming episode of 'Who Are You-School 2015' is now released featuring Tae Kwang (Sungjae) and EunBi (Kim So Hyun) inside an infirmary.

Tonight's episode follows happenings after Yi Ahn found out the real identity behind Eun Byul. The last episode ended with EunBi needing to decide whom between Yi Ahn and Tae Kwang she is going to go with.

However, in the still cuts, Tae Kwang and EunBi spend time together inside an infirmary. Tae Kwang is gazing affectionately and anxiously at sleeping EunBi. From the recent episode, Tae Kwang has been showing affection towards EunBi.

Does this mean EunBi has chosen to depend on Tae Kwang? Will their relationship develops? Let's find out on tonight's episode.