RAINBOW's Hyunyoung & rapper Sool J release another collaboration track, 'Love Flower' ft. Woori

On May 7th, RAINBOW's Cho Hyun Young and rapper Sool J released another new collaboration song called 'Love Flower,' featuring Rainbow's Woori.

'Love Flower' is a sweet song with spring vibe. It was co-written by producer COSMIC SOUND, who had written San.E's 'Me You' and San.E & RAINA's 'A Midsummer Night's Sweetness,' song writer Yum Dong Gun, who had written SOYA X KK's 'NPNP,' and vocalist Hee Mang. RAINBOW's Go Woori also participated in writing lyrics for the rap part.

Go Woori is said to record the entire rap section in Gyeongsang Province dialect with Sool J, making the song more special.

After Hyun Young and Sool J's first collaboration, 'Honey', many people are looking forward to the second collaboration.