Polaris Entertainment to hold a memorial concert for Ladies' Code' RiSe and EunB

Polaris Entertainment has revealed that they will hold a memorial concert in Japan to honor Ladies' Code' RiSe and EunB, who passed away in the tragic car accident last year.

According to the officials, the concert titled 'RISE & EUNBI MEMORIAL CONCERT' will take place on August 22nd at Shinagawa Hotel Concert Hall in Tokyo, Japan.

Since Japan was RiSe's hometome, it was her wish for Ladies' Code to hold a concert at a big venue there, so to honor RiSe and EunB's upcoming first anniversary since their passing, the agency and the members' families have been quietly discussed about holding a memorial concert.

The concert will be attended by Polaris artist, as well as members Ashley, Sojung and Zuny.

Regarding the reports on the group's posible comeback within this year, Polaris Entertainment said,"There's still no specific plans for a comeback. The three members are currently carrying their lives well at the dorm and taking vocal lessons".