Kim Hyun Joong to enlist next week

Kim Hyun Joong's enlistment date is confirmed to be on May 12, exactly one week from now.

The singer/actor is enlisting in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do to join the 30th Division Recruits Training Battalion and eventually starts his five weeks of basic training. His enlistment has been postponed for several times earlier this year because of overseas performances, personal matters and assault controversy.

In regards to this, Kim Hyun Joong is going to become a father inside the military as his ex-girlfriend is expected to give birth to their baby in September. According to some sources, while waiting for his enlistment, he has recently visited his friends and family and had a healing camp in Jeju. He also expressed to enlist quietly according to his agency.

Kim Hyun Joong is going to serve one year and nine months as an active duty soldier and expected to be discharged on February 11, 2017.