Is there 'something' between Dohee and Henry?

Tiny-G's Dohee expressed how she became flattered with Henry in her guest appearance on May 1's Lady Jane's 2 o'clock Radio program.

After a song played, Lady Jane suddenly asked Dohee, "What is your relationship with Henry?" in which Dohee replied, "Just now I've gotten a call from Henry. I told him I'm doing live radio at the moment but he told me to keep the line. I asked the crew if it's ok to connect him but Henry said he has to go and that he will come next time. He's so carefree."

Lady Jane suggested, "You and Henry should start going out." Cho Jung Chee said, "Henry is doing virtual marriage at the moment, it's not proper to do it like that. Let's not do it!" while laughing. Dohee added, "He's just an oppa."

Meanwhile, Dohee has confessed before that she wanted to do We Got Married with Henry. Such a blossoming friendship.