INFINITE'S Sunggyu reveals 'Kontrol' as the second title track for solo comeback

INFINITE's Sunggyu has released the name and more details on the second title track from his upcoming solo album '27'.

Composed, written and arranged by JW, 'Kontrol' is said to help highlight Sunggyu's vocal when he sings 'I'll take care of all the pain, instead just promise me one thing' right at the start of the song, with the lyrics describing about the feeling of not wanting to give up even in difficult situations.

Woollim Entertainment commented,"'The Answer' and 'Kontrol' are the double title tracks of the album. Since the song received good reviews from internal monitoring so we planned to choose out of the two songs while saving the remaining one for the next album, but since this is his first solo album after 3 years so we decided to go with the double title idea. We already finished filming for both the music videos".

Sunggyu's solo album '27' will be released on May 11th.