Happy birthday to Nine Muses' Euaerin

Stage Name: Euaerin
Birth Name: Lee Hye Min
Height: 174cm 
Zodiac: Taurus 
Blood Type: O 
Hometown: Seoul 
Birthday: May 3, 1988
Family: Parents, 3 Brother/Sisters 
Education: Lee La Primary School, Shin Dong Middle School, Sae Hwa Girl’s High School, Dong Deuk Girl’s College 
Skills: Ballet , DJ
Personality: Really innocent, highly affectionate, a lot of aegyo 
Usual Fashion Style: Depends on day by day (girlish or unique) 
Role Model: Miransa Kerr, Mother 
Celebrity Friend: Rhymer, Jeon Hyun Moo, Co-Ed’s former member Kangho 
Frequent Habit: If there’s a chance, to sit down, drink some milk coffee, and enjoy with some chocolate 
Favorite Food: Beef, cheesecake, chocolate 
Favorite Type of Music: "Someone Like You" by Adele 
Favorite Color: Neon Yellow, Hot Pink 
Favorite Movie: "Burlesque", "Pride & Prejudice" 
Favorite Number: Any 
Instagram: @erine0503
Twitter: @Erine0503

- She used the name EUAERIN (이유애린) when she met the company's CEO because she thought he was a fraud. The CEO let her use the name when the group debuted.
- She didn’t pay attention to class. She frequently never showed up to training.
- She said she cared more about the group than herself and doubted if she could contribute anything to the group.
- She left the group after their "No Playboy" promotion to pursue her dream in Japan; however, she returned 3 months later
- Her ideal type is someone who looks good-natured, a guy with a pretty smile, dresses well
- She often visits the Han River and coffee shop
- She is the “Father” of the group
- She is the most 4-D member of the group, she is known for making silly faces and voices and mimicking monkeys.
- She was a Rugby player (defense) when she was studying in high school