Eunjung says it's not easy for T-ara to regain their popularity in the past

Eunjung, who just made her solo debut recently as ELSIE, shares her honest thoughts about T-ara's past popularity in an interview with TV Report.

She said,"I want to go back to the past [of T-ara's popularity], but I know very well that we can't go back. It's upseting but we can't do anything about it. It's the reality that we can't blame anyone".

But she showed her positive mindset by saying,"If I work hard, I believe that people will see me in a good light one day. First of all I think I have to change everyone's perception of me into a good one. Showing my good self comes first, the next thing is receiving compliments".

Eunjung is actively promoting her title track 'I'm Good' on music programs.