[Breaking] Sunny and Seo In Guk are dating

Sports Seoul reports today that SNSD Sunny and actor Seo In Guk are in a relationship.

According to multiple sources, the two were spotted dating as they watched Seo In Guk's starring movie 'No Breathing'. It is also known that the two were introduced by Yuri, who also starred in the movie alongside Seo In Guk and Lee Jong Suk.

They naturally develop good feelings after few meetings accompanied by Yuri and now enjoying each other's company. Moreover, last month when Seo In Guk was admitted to a hospital in Seoul, Sunny paid visit and took care of him.

A witness stated that Sunny was actually in disguise but as the witness took a careful look, it was Sunny indeed.

Let's wait for further confirmation from both sides.

Source: Sports Seoul