BoA graces 'The celebrity' magazine

BoA, who has come back with her new single "Who Are You", had an interview with 'The celebrity'.

BoA said about her normal life, "I often go to cinemas to watch movies and eat at popular restaurants. People don't recognize me as often in public as you would think."

BoA also shared her motto and encourage her colleagues to enjoy working. "Working hard is a given, but I also want to build a positive career that is based on enjoying work," 

Though the singer has enough experience to "qualify (her) as an agency director," she said that professional experience is not always her primary concern when choosing who to work with.

BoA also revealed that her dancers' energy gave her energy to work hard and realize how important of the relationship between artists and staff.

Meanwhile, her newest song 'Who are you' has topped many music charts.