YG confirms Jinusean in April; why not Big Bang?


After initial denial, YG has finally confirmed that it's indeed Jinusean to have a comeback in April, making the duo their 1st artist this year.

The hip hop duo who are in hiatus for 11 years are finally returning in mid-April with new song. However, it's still being decided if the duo are going to have broadcast promotions as the exact comeback and release dates are yet to be confirmed.

In relation to that, Big Bang fans are throwing questions about the April 1 teasers that were released previously, which they assumed to be Big Bang. However, another teaser confirms that Big Bang are returning in May 1 along with consecutive dates dating every 1st of the month until September.

In this, YG has got to something to say, "Initially there was a plan to have Big Bang's comeback first. Moreover, Jinusean and Big Bang are actually both preparing to return together. But Jinusean value their hoobaes and decided to avoid clashing with them so they are releasing their new song first ahead of the plan."