Wu Yi Fan updates amidst Tao's withdrawal rumors

EXO-Ls are left in wonders following the ambiguous message from Tao yesterday when he finally broke his silent and updated his weibo with words 'I'm sorry. Thank you.'

However, fans were getting the context of what Tao was trying to imply amidst the rumors of him withdrawing from EXO as Wu Yi Fan updated his instagram hours ago with, "Galaxy will always be here. Miss yall~"

Fans were even puzzled and comforted at the same time with the timely updates. Some assumed that Wu Yi Fan's message was for EXO-Ls who are having hard time or maybe for Tao as Wu Yi Fan was known to have been called the 'galaxy/hyung' and trying to express that he misses EXO members.

Nevertheless, fans are very touched that Wu Yi Fan still uses the 'galaxy' to refer to himself as what he used to do when he was still in EXO.