Uhm Jung Hwa tries to make her niece, Jion, smile on 'Superman returns'

‘Sexy Diva’ Uhm Jung Hwa will use her aegyo to make Jion smile in next episode of 'Superman returns'.

People are expecting to see singer-actress Uhm Jung Hwa interact with Ji-On, her niece on the upcoming episode of 'Superman returns' on April 5th. On the day of recording, after her busy schedule overseas, Uhm Jung Hwa went directly to Uhm Tae Woong’s house to meet Jion. 

She appeared with many presents for Jion. However, as Jion had not met her aunt for a long time, she seemed shy and did not show much reaction. Then Uhm Jung Hwa tries to use aegyo to make Jion smile.

Whether Uhm Jung Hwa will be able to melt Jion’s heart will be revealed in upcoming episode of 'Superman returns'.