Three songs from BTS's new mini album deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS

More and more songs have been added into the banned list by KBS.

According to KBS on April 22nd, three songs from BTS's upcoming mini album includes 'Converse High', 'BTS Diss' and 'Lovers High' have been deemed ineligible for broadcast due to its lyrics mentioning specific brands.

It was pointed out that 'Converse High' and 'Lovers High' mentioned brand names such as Converse, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, while 'BTS Diss' is said to use Chinese phrase 'Did you eat?', which is usually associated to swearing.

While the title track of the album hasn't been announced yet, BigHit Entertainment has stated that they have no plans to modify the lyrics and resubmit for reconsideration.

Meanwhile, BTS's new mini album will be released on April 29th.