Tao's father wants his son out of EXO

EXO Tao's father has expressed his want to terminate Tao's contract with SM Entertainment which leaves EXO-Ls in daze.

In the letter, Tao's father expressed the pain whenever he sees news on SNS that his son has injuries. He wrote that he must be proud of his son being a star but he couldn't because he fears Tao's health after acquiring countless minor and major injuries which even resulted to not attending his activities. Moreover, he also recounted the moment when he flew to Korea to bring Tao back but was promised by the company with good opportunities and special team for Tao which made him excited. However it didn't happen to Tao but to other member instead.  He emphasized on the latter part of the letter that Tao didn't receive support from the agency but body injuries instead.

Tao's father expressed that more than applause and support from fans, he prioritizes Tao's health and peace of mind. He ended his letter by thanking the agency and fellow members for showing care and concern towards Tao for the past three years. He also calls on fans to understand his decision for Tao and apologizes for being selfish.

Apparently, Tao's father also mentioned that Tao didn't agree to his decision but he is persistent to choose his health over his career in Korea. Although Tao's father has made his decision, it's Tao who holds the final decision if he's terminating his contract or not.