Takuya & Lee Jae Joon's bromance kiss from 'The Lover'?

Fans and avid viewers of MNET's cable drama 'The Lover' are going nuts with the still cuts of Cross Gene's Takuya and Lee Jae Joon.

The blossoming bromance between the two is getting even more intimate as what we see in the photos. Takuya is being pushed in the wall as Lee Jae Joon affectionately staring at him and leaning for a kiss.

Upon the broadcast last night, Takuya was trying to help tying Jae Joon's necktie and pushed him on the wall making Jae Joon uncomfortable and started mocking his reaction. Annoyed, Jae Joon reversed and did the same to Takuya by going farther and leaned over as if he's going to kiss him.

Their bromance story in this omnibus series is getting the attention among viewers for their flawless portrayal of their characters and chemistry.