SHINee's Minho to make his big screen debut in 'Grandmother Gyechoon'

SHINee's Minho will make his big screen debut in new movie 'Grandmother Gyechoon'(working title).

SM Entertainment announced on April 15th that Minho has been confirmed to star in 'Grandmother Gyechoon'.

'Grandmother Gyechoon' will tell about a grandaughter, who goes missing due to an accident at a young age and later has a dramatic reunion with her grandmother after 10 years. Yoon Yeo Jung and Kim Go Eun have been casted as the grandmother and grandaughter, while Minho is said to share a loveline with Kim Go Eun's character.

SHINee's Minho has been gaining acting experience through dramas 'To The Beautiful You' and 'Medical Top Team'. 'Grandmother Gyechoon' will be his first time on a big screen.

The filming for 'Grandmother Gyechoon' will begin later this month.