'Roommate 2' to end; undecided to continue

The 2nd season of 'Roommate' which has filled viewers with more laughters in every anticipated episode is now coming to an end.

The last episode of the season is slated to broadcast on April 14. According to the program's officials, the follow-up season (3rd season) is not yet decided. "We've reviewed to change the cast, house and the format extensively for 'Roommate 3," according to the PD. We might be missing our favorite cast but let's anticipate and hope for a new season in the future.

Who are you going to miss the most? Seho, Dongwook, Park Min Woo, Ryohei, Joon Hyung, Jong-ok, Sunny, Gook Ju, Nana, Youngji, Jackson, Kangjoon or Ooi? Meanwhile, next episode wil lfeature Jackson's foreign friends Amber, Bam Bam and Henry.