Leeteuk is mad serious to punish his attackers

Super Junior Leeteuk has finally taken action against the upsurge of malicious rumors attacking his family and fellow members.

On his twitter, Leeteuk wrote,

"I'm now gathering information about the malicious rumors, comments that are damaging, and continuous rumors from the internet especially those that are about my family. I would be really thankful if you can help me find the IDs,posts, captures, and anything that can be of evidence. Please send it to special5170@naver.com."

Apparently, Leeteuk is warning his attackers that he's now taking action against them. This is regarding the malicious compilation of hateful comments in an online community board which gave contrasting issue which the haters claimed to be controversies.

However, later on, a clarification post in response to the hateful and baseless comments was posted but eventually deleted letting Leeteuk get the hate. Leeteuk's action may serve warning to those haters who do unfounded rumors in attempt to defame someone.