Kyuhyun is so clingy

KBS releases still cuts of Super Junior Kyuhyun for 'Fluttering India' to make fans anticipate the first broadcast.

In the photos, Kyuhyun is being clingy with Jonghyun and Sunggyu, resting his head over their shoulder or giving them a back hug. Well, aside from him being naturally clingy to the members of his infamous 'kyu-line', we also see the super bright expression in his face as he was captured flashing big smiles.

By the look of it, Kyuhyun seemed to be having much fun in this show aside from being a super organized and perfectionist guide. Let's anticipate him and other casts Minho, Jonghyun, Suho, Sunggyu, and Changmin on the show's first episode at 9:30PM on April 10.