Henry confesses wanting to marry Nana on 'Roommate'!

Henry made a confession to Nana on 'Roommate'.

A special video is released after the recent episode of 'Roommate' which Henry, Amber, and BamBam visited the house. During their chatting, Henry made a confession of liking Nana, "I like her a lot," in which the other members started to tease him and made him confess in front of her.

With his Canadian character of being straightforward, Henry even ended up to the girls' make up room to be alone with Nana. Later on, he told Nana, "The first I met you... I wanna marry you (singing)". His gesture made Nana fluttered and even asked her to call him 'oppa'. Moreover, Henry also showed his aegyo.

Note: The filming of this episode took place weeks before the announcement of Henry's appearance on We Got Married.