[HELP] Baekho writes letter asking for blood donations for his father

Nu'est Baekho has written a personal letter for his fans asking for blood donations as his father is diagnosed with acute leukemia.

Through their fancafe and his personal instagram account, Baekho writes,

[From. Baekho]
Title: Please read
Hello it’s Baekho. I’m sorry that I’m suddenly posting a bad news. At dawn today, my father had a nosebleed and it won't stop so we went to the hospital and received a diagnosis that he has ‘acute myelocytic leukemia’. So we need blood donors (card). I apologize for asking like this but if you have blood donor card (any blood type) please send it to Seoul, Gangnam-gu Samseong-dong No. 44-20 (Baekho Blood Donor Card).
I apologize for delivering you this sudden bad news.
Thank you.

Spreading this would be a great help if you don't have blood donor card. Thank you. Let's pray for his father's successful treatment.