Have you heard the creepy screaming in Miss A's 'Only You'?

You shouldn't had clicked this post.

Fans and even non-fans are replaying Miss A's 'Only You' song or MV after the girls mentioned the rumor about 'a girl's screaming voice'  when they guested at KBS Radio Cool FM’s Jang Dong Min and Lady Jane’s Two O’Clock on April 7. Min actually said that she didn't hear it, so as Jia.

This was initially unknown to majority of fans but since the mention of it,  listeners got curious and find out among themselves. After carefully listening to the song, fans frantically commented,

"Oh! I heard it! It's creepy.","It doesn't sound like a girl's voice but a male's instead.","That gives me chill.","I can't unhear it anymore.","I shouldn't have known this.", "Giving me goosebumps." On the other hand, some commented, "It's just the sound effect.","I heard it before but it doesn't sound special.","Just an effect of sound mixing."

Do you want to hear it yourself? They said is starts during Fei's part at 00:46. Listen if you will.