Happy birthday to Kim Jong Kook

Real name: Kim Jong Kook (김종국)
Company: JK entertainment
Birthday: April 25, 1976
Blood type : A
Height: 178cm
Weight: 76kg
Hobbies: Sports (Weightlifting, Soccer, Boxing)
Family : Parents, 1 Older Brother
Religion: Buddhism 
Education : Han Se University, 
                                             Dan Kook University Postgraduate
Debut year: 1995

- Kim Jong Kook debuted as a part of the Korean duo Turbo, later pursuing a successful career as a ballad singer with 3 Daesang Awards
- Jong Kook is also well-known as a permanent member of many popular variety shows including X-man, Family Outing and Running Man.
- He is very popular in China
- He is interested in working out and keeping his body healthy
- He likes to talk
- He is joked to have a "mosquito voice"
- He is shy in front of pretty girls
- His older brother is a doctor
- He is currenly MC of KBS's 'Crisis no.1'