Gummy reveals Park Hyo Shin's 'Something I Can't Do For You' as the title track for her remake album

The title track for Gummy's upcoming remake album has been revealed.

C-Jes Entertainment announced on April 9th,"The title song for Gummy's 'Fall in Memory' remake album is Park Hyo Shin's 'Something I Can't Do For You'. The original feeling of the song is still being kept while adding it with Gummy's emotional and captivating voice, making it even more appealing".

The original song by Park Hyo Shin was released ín 1999 and received much love from the public, so upon the news of it being remaked by Gummy, many music fans are very ecxited and anticipating towards the release.

A rep said,"Gummy has received much popularity when she singing her own version of songs from other artists. Her version of 'Something I Can't Do For You' will bring in another attraction than the original song so please give her a lot of your interest".

'Fall in Memory' will be available on April 17th.