FNC releases glamorous Jimin for JNJ unit

It is now revealed that the mysterious JNJ image is for the hip-hop unit that FNC is debuting soon under N Project.

By the release of AOA Jimin's teaser image, it is unveiled that JNJ means 'Jimin N J.Don', which is a hip-hop duo unit formed by AOA's Jimin and N.Flying's Seung Hyub.

According to news, JNJ are releasing single 'GOD' in May. In fact, they are already finishing the planning of promotional activities, recording, and filming music video.

The song 'GOD' is described to be a trendy trap with hip hop beat. The concept of the teaser images as that of Jimin is that she's taking the hip hop queen's throne and N.Flying's SeungHyub under the name J.Don is an ambitious rapper who is going to challenge the queen. Let's wait for J.Don's teaser image tonight.