EXO Lay on Kris&Luhan + recent meeting with Luhan

EXO Lay answered questions about his communication with former EXO members Luhan and Kris in his recent interview.

In the interview with Sohu Entertainment on 21st regarding Lay's established Workshop, Lay frankly answered sensitive questions about Luhan and Kris. First he expressed his gratitude towards SM Entertainment for allowing him to establish the Lay Workshop.

He continued, "Those days (Kris & Luhan's withdrawal) had a great impact to the agency. Now mine and everyone's decisions might affect the company but all those are for the growth of both the company and the artists."

Regarding the aftermath of withdrawal of the two members, Lay stated, "Members are stronger now. We walk hand in hand but we cannot say that we aren't affected. But I want to say that we are good so we'll do fine."

When asked about if he still keep in touch with Luhan and Kris, Lay answered, "Yes. I met with Luhan and we ate together. It's hard to meet up because of the busy schedules."