EXID to comeback with second mini album on April 13th

EXID has officially announced their comeback date.

According to Yedang Entertaiment, EXID will comeback with their second mini album on April 13th, which is 2 years and 8 months since the release of their debut mini album 'HIPPITY HOP' in August 2012. The group is also revealed to have finished filming for their new music video and is gearing up with the preparations.

Since this is their comeback after the sudden burst in fame of 'Up & Down', many people are paying attention to what kind of music they will come out this time. Also this will be the chance for EXID to prove that their popularity isn't just some kind of bubble and they will be able to remain their position.

The title track revealed to be a track by Shinsadong Tiger and the choreography is by Yama & Hot Chicks, who created the the phenomenon 'Up & Down' dance.