Dal Shabet releases tracklist for upcoming mini album 'Joker is Alive'

The official tracklist for Dal Shabet's new mini album 'Joker is Alive' has been released.

The tracklist consists of a total of 5 songs: 'To.Darling', 'Bewitched', 'Joker', 'I'm Not' and 'Ok Boy' with 'Joker' as the title track.

In addition, member Subin revealed to directly participated in the lyrics writing, composing and producing of the entire album as her name can be seen in the credits of all the tracks, which is the first to happen for any girl group. Jiyul and Ga Eun also contributed to the lyrics writing along Subin for the track 'Bewitched'.

Don't miss the release of 'Joker is Alive' on April 15th.