Choiza&Sulli comfortably date in public

The good thing perhaps of publicizing relationship among celebrity is that they don't have to hide it anymore?

Well, that might work on Choiza&Sulli couple who was spotted having a late night date since the two admitted their relationship August last year. It seems like the lovely couple showed no sign of unchanging affection towards each other.

A photo of Choiza and Sulli was posted online showing the two strolling around somewhere in Huam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul last night with an acquaintance. Both were having a comfortable date as Sulli is seen clinging to Choiza's arms from behind. They seemed to be not anxious anymore because Choiza and Sulli were not trying to cover their faces.

Meanwhile, yesterday morning, Sulli just arrived from her Bali photoshoot and appeared very bright and lovely at the airport upon her arrival.