Brown Eyed Girls reportedly to comeback with an album on their 10th annniversary

Brown Eyed Girls' Gain previously stated that the group will probably make a summer comeback, and more credits have been added to her statement since today Brown Eyed Girls were revealed to be planning for a new album while aiming for the release to be on their 10th anniversary.

A rep of Brown Eyed Girls told the press on April 1st,"It's true that Brown Eyed Girls are preparing for their comeback, but the exact date hasn't been decided yet".

The rep continue,"Since this year will be their 10th anniversary so it's true that we are discussing about a 10th anniversary album, but nothing has been confirmed. The comeback time maybe around May or June, but it could be pushed further".

Brown Eyed Girl' latest release was the best album 'Special Moments' in August, 2014.