Amber is Jonghyun's & Donghae's poser

Oh yeah we know you Amber! You wouldn't let April's Fools Day passed without being mischievous.

So as soon as the clock striked midnight, Amber has become SHINee Jonghyun's and Super Junior Donghae's poser by changing her SNS accounts to their identities completed with the boys' selca and greeting.

On her twitter account, Amber wrote, "Hello I'm SuJu's Donghae, Taco go go~" she even went on like Donghae promoting his Taco business :). On her Instagram as well, she uploaded Jonghyun's selca and captioned, "Hello I'm SHINee's bling bling Jonghyun~ Stay, Oh It’s a deja boo~~ I think I've seen you somewhereeeee"

Such a loyal poser that even Jonghyun and Donghae wouldn't even mind. So don't be fooled today!