TOP steals Nodame for a web-drama!

Our ever-remarkable Nodame, Japanese actress Ueno Juri is going to act alongside Big Bang's TOP for a joint Japanese-Korean web-drama.

This collaboration is expected to draw huge interest among global fans as both cater large fanbases in Korea and Japan. Korea′s CJ E&M and Japan′s Amuse INC. are currently working on the project though the title of the drama is yet to be unveiled.According to report, we would be getting a multicultural romance about a Korean man Woohyun (TOP) and Japanese woman Haruka (Ueno Juri) who found love from each other after their painful past.

This could be the birth of a new favorite love tandem after Ueno Juri's breaktrough role Nodame still lingers her to Chiaki, played by Japanese actor Tamaki Hiroshi. Through this pairing, a lot is being expected how TOP, a very fine and experienced young actor aside from a celebrated member of Big Bang, is going to steal Ueno Juri from her Nodame role. Let's see how it turns out by the second half of this year!