The new generation KPop groups: Red Velvet & CLC

It has been 3 months into 2015 and KPop fans have seen the debut of some really talented female groups such as GFRIEND and SONAMOO.

In the latest episode of M! Countdown aired earlier today, SM Entertainment and Cube Entertainment's rookie groups garnered the most attention.

With the addition of new member Yeri, Red Velvet is officially promoting as a 5 member group with catchy title track Ice Cream Cake while Cube's new group CLC (Crystal Clear) performed their first live stage on music show. Both groups have their own uniqueness and fans started to discuss each group's performance on M! Countdown, here comes some netizens' comments:

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Red Velvet's comeback performance

Netizens' comments (Youtube)
everything is perfect except those outfits lol.. but irene..she totally slayed me with her rap. i'm stanning her now Translate

For rookies singing live with choreo that intense-they did really good. Of course there's still some work to be done, but they killed it! Yeri may not be there in vocals, but in dance she definitely knows what's up.


why does the second outfit look extremely uncomfortable

Not good at singing

CLC's debut

CLC voice is amazing!!! dance so attractive!! i love i love!!

This is so niiice hahaha and yee eun killed again in her rap part o)-<

am i the only one here who think that Sorn looks and sounds like Lee Hi ?

I want to see their interactions with BEAST 😍

cube's stylist always amaze me with similarity stage outfit. same like apink's luv stage outfit ❤

Which group are you rooting for? I'm definitely watching both!!