SS501's Kyu Jong and Crayon Pop's Way casted in new musical

On March 19th, it was reported that SS501’s Kim Kyu Jong, Crayon Pop’s Way, gagman Moon SeYoon, gagwoman Jang DoYeon were casted for the 20th anniversary musical performance “Singin’ in the Rain – SABITA Since 1995″.

SS501’s member as well as solo artist Kim Kyu Jong has made his name in musical industry as Lee Shin in “Goong” in 2011. He will be playing the role of Donghyun in “Singin’ in the Rain” alongside Crayon Pop’s Way as the role of Yoo Miri.

With the popularity of Kim Kyu Jong as a part of Hallyu wave and Crayon Pop's rising trend, the musical is raising many fans' expectation.

The musical will be premiering from June 6 to Aug 30 at Seoul Daehangno Uniplex Building 2 and the tickets will be on sale through Interpark and Auction on March 25.