SHINee is all cute and youthful in new CF for 'Baskin Robbins'

Following EXO and Red Velvet, SHINee becomes the next artist to endorse for ice-cream brand 'Baskin Robbins'.

In the CF, SHINee members are seen doing their own things with Key playing the claw machine, Minho playing baseball, Jonghyun controlling the toy car, Taemin sitting in front of a camp fire and Onew making some kind of a strawberry yogurt. 

In particular, the ending scene featuring all the members sitting together eating their ice-cream with Minho asking Onew,"Did you make this?" and Onew answered,"Ummm", making all the members went "Uwaaaa!!!" at their leader.

There are 3 versions for the CF 15s, 30s and 45s. Check them out below