Ryu Seung Soo to get married with his 11 years younger girlfriend in April

Actor Ryu Seung Soo will be tying the knot with his 11 years younger girlfriend this April.

On March 20th, the actor announced about his marriage through his official fan café as he wrote,"When spring comes in April, I will finally clean up my single life and start a new one with the person I love".

According to the agency, his future wife is said to be a florist who is a pure and good woman. She was the one who stayed by his side and helped him get over his hard times last year, and the actor decided to propose to her this year. They have both met with the families from both sides.

As of his desire to have a quiet wedding, the ceremony will be held overseas in Bali, Indonesia on April 20th with the attendance of families and close friends.

Ryu Seung Soo is currently appearing in MBC's 'Shine or Go Crazy'.

Congratulation to Ryu Seung Soo!