Let's appreciate the beauty of Secret's Sunhwa

Secret's Sunhwa is regaining spotlight with her recent photoshoot.

She used to be the most popular member in Secret, appearing on variety show Invincible Youth 2, cast in dramas and etc till last year when fans started to pay almost all attention to her teammate Hyosung.

For your information, Hyosung released solo album last year and impressed fans with her voluptuous figure and she then modeled for lingerie brand Yes which added more to her evergrowing popularity, fans started to focus more on Hyosung.

As a fan of Secret, i appreciate the beauty of Sunhwa, voluptuous figure of Hyosung, Jieun's angelic vocal and of course Hana's dance ability, let's take some time to appreciate Sunhwa's beauty in this post!

Hyosung during her Goodnight Kiss promotion

Bonus: Sunhwa proves that you can relate 'sexiness' to her without any doubt, although she's slightly skinny!